EV Charging

While the idea of a full transition to a fully electric fleet may take decades to achieve, electric vehicle (EV) adoption is growing in the U.S. The EV charging arena offers an opportunity to enter a new, growing market that complements our utility infrastructure design and engineering service offerings extremely well. 

With approximately 1.8 million EVs registered and operating in the U.S., the need for widely dispersed and available charging stations is becoming more pronounced.

Government data reports 43,000 public EV charging stations with 120,000 charging ports, according to Reuters. “Chargers are distributed very unevenly across the country, with California having nearly the same amount of charging stations as the 39 states with the lowest count combined.”

As EV adoption grows throughout the country, the infrastructure required to supply the electricity needed by growing networks of charging stations is going to be significant. The engineering and installation of the charging stations themselves and the design and implementation of the infrastructure that supplies the electricity to them represents a significant opportunity for City Light & Power.