From the first ever public-private partnership (PPP) for municipal street lighting in the United States, to large-scale utility infrastructure engineering, operation and maintenance, CLP has a strong history of providing customer-focused private utility services for municipal customers.

As an example, CLP developed a public private contract for street lighting with the City of Lakewood, California. The program consists of system assessments, financing, design, engineering, conversion, operation and maintenance of the entire street lighting and associated electrical distribution system. To offer the best possible customer service, CLP manages a 24/7 call center and takes incoming calls from local police, fire departments and residents on various matters concerning utility knockdowns, storms, area blackouts and other cases regarding our utility poles, wires and system equipment within our territory. We dispatch highly trained electrical maintenance teams to handle these problems quickly and efficiently.

CLP performs work for other municipalities as well, including the City of Anaheim, California, and we have completed several projects for Southern California Edison and the City of Pasadena.