CLP has successfully provided the following services: financing, purchasing, engineering, upgrading, constructing, operating and maintaining electric utility systems such as municipal street lighting, sports lighting and overhead and underground power distribution. We put design-specific operations and maintenance programs in place to ensure that our solutions generate maximum benefit for many years to come.


Power Distribution

Above ground and below, power distribution systems are a vital part of any reliable electrical infrastructure network. From development and design to operation and maintenance, CLP has the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions for power distribution systems of all types and sizes.

CLP performs new construction, pole placement, equipment installations, trenching, boring, wire placement, system repairs, engineering and material procurement; replacement, maintenance, design, and engineering.


Operations and Maintenance

The operations and maintenance (O&M) program designed by CLP provides for maximum system reliability and operating efficiency.  CLP understands the vital role that careful design and preventative maintenance can play in the success of any program.  That’s why our O&M services provide for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.



Specialty Lighting

An advanced lighting system can mean better energy usage, easier maintenance, and lower operating costs.  While at the same time these systems can improve visibility, reduce crime, protect neighborhoods, and promote commerce.  From design and engineering to operations and maintenance, CLP installs new and upgrades existing sports, architectural, and street lighting systems.


Design and Engineering 

CLP provides complete design and engineering service solutions from requirement definition, planning, and system development and design through complete project engineering.  When a standardized platform cannot serve as the basis for a solution, we can design a system to exact specification.  It is essential to accurately detail and track an organization’s fixed assets. CLP will develop the Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) databases.

Emergency Response 

Emergency response to events such as hurricanes and windstorms to light outages and pole knockdowns is a major part of the services offered by CLP.  We will provide assistance to local utility companies and agencies, military installations, and government entities with labor, equipment, or general support to restore power and repair damage to electrical systems.


CLP realizes that even the best projects cannot get off the ground without a financing plan that works. We believe that a successful financing plan is one that does not increase annual costs and provides significant stability. In coordination with a number of investment firms that specialize in municipal finance, we are able to offer a financing plan that meets your objectives.

Other Services 

In addition to the services listed above CLP also provides infrastructure systems purchasing and energy billing analysis; as well as labor and equipment support and installation upgrades and rebuilds.  If you would like to know more about these services or any of the others listed on this site, please contact our corporate office at 720-305-0400.