City Light & Power, Inc.

City Light & Power (CLP) is a company at the forefront of the modern day electric utility industry. We incorporate all industry standards for construction, operation and maintenance. We are not restricted by regulated entities allowing us to operate expeditiously (more efficiently) for our clients. CLP’s mission is customer satisfaction; we strive to achieve success in delivering prompt service response, efficient work rules and procedures, all to support our customer’s efforts and direction. Our goal is alleviating any concerns a customer may have through best practices and industry leading methodologies.

Our primary focus is the lease or ownership of infrastructure systems. This includes electrical distribution and street lighting systems. CLP supports the Federal Government in the area of military installations and their electrical distribution systems, as well as with local municipalities in the area of street lighting systems. We lease or purchase these systems, and improve upon their existing condition, bringing them up to industry standards. This provides a safe operation and more reliable system for our customers.

We work directly with customers and potential customers to create a platform that best fits their needs within the aforementioned areas of work. CLP’s partnerships with both the Federal Government and municipalities’ stretch across the United States from the west coast to the east coast. A few of the additional benefits our customers receive are the implementation of Geographical Information System (GIS), and Global Positioning System (GPS) for all utility infrastructure location(s) that can be utilized for current, and future design and planning purposes.

Our company bases our success on the responses that we receive from our clients. We pride ourselves on structuring an agreement with the scope of work that clearly accomplishes the goals and needs of our customers.

Power Distribution and Transmission

Above ground and below, power distribution systems are a vital part of any reliable electrical infrastructure network. From development and design to operation and maintenance, CLP has the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions for power distribution systems of all types and sizes

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Street Lighting

CLP designs and implements advanced lighting systems solutions that help reduce operating, energy and maintenance expenses; in addition to helping increase visibility, reduce crime, protect neighborhoods and promote commerce.

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Operations & Maintenance

The operation and maintenance (O&M) program designed by CLP provides for maximum system reliability and operating efficiency. CLP understands the vital role that careful design and preventive maintenance play in the success of any program.

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