Building 977

The Travis AFB aerial port, which is operated by the  60th squadron, is the primary west coast aerial port for the Air Mobility Command (AMC), supporting seven MAJCOMs, the department of home land security and all of the DoD transportation service needs.  It has a budget of 4.8 Million with a staff of 530 personnel working to support traffic management services and passenger cargo movement on airlift missions.  It maintains the global deployment capability for the largest wing in the AMC.          

Due to the increased need for reliable power with backup generation, CLP responded to the need for a capital upgrade project at  building 977; the aerial port squadron’s primary facility at Travis AFB.  

CLP is upgrading the existing primary electrical supply and low-voltage power distribution system at building 977.  The upgrade includes the installation of a 4 way pad mount switch, a 1500kVA transformer, an outdoor automatic transfer switchboard, and the
conduit and pull boxes to support the new circuit feeds to all existing panel boards. 

The installation of a new 12kV electrical system will replace two outdated substations and provide wiring and circuit protection in this facility. This will increase reliability and mission support. This project was started March 10, 2014 and the estimated completion date is 31 October 2014.